070 Paul Godfrey (Morcheeba)

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Ahead of his DJ performance at this year’s Bestival we welcome Paul Godfrey, the creator of downtempo original trip hop outfit Morcheeba, to the Secret Life Blog. Full track listing is below:

Mysterious Vibes – Belabouche edit
Remo – Greg Paulus & John Camp (Tanner Ross edit)
Hang – Booster Space Industries
Take it Easy – Alkalino
Fur Hildegard Von Disco – Trujillo
Surfin – Jehan
Sun is Shining – Bob Marley (Jose Maria Ramon Rework)
Gagarin – Public Service Broadcast (Richard Norris Vostok Remix)
Patterness – Pattern Drama
Pearls – Sade (Timo Jahns Remix)
Just escape – Escape (Justin Martin remix)
Talk Talk – George maple (Moon Boots Remix)
Aint No – Mr Moon (Deep Mix)
Diamonds – Lane 8
Time to Shine – Mr Thruout & Giorgio C
Wings of Dawn – Moogers
What do you Want – Miguel Migs (Rodriguez Jr Remix)
The One – How-E
Things U do – Giom
It’s Just Your Love – Teddy Esposito (Made in NY Mix)
Lay Me Down – Sam Smith (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
Falling Short – Lapsley