083 Craig Christon

Another set recorded live in Ibiza at our Hostel La Torre Summer residency, this time from Craig Christon, who along with Joe Gill runs the Outlaw Yacht Club and Joes’s Bakery night in Leeds city centre. Described as a “late-night DJ bar and event space and one of Leeds’ hippest hangouts, well-known for its discerning music policy, good food and craft beer.” *

The idea behind Joe’s Bakery was to create a laid back atmosphere for “friends to relax and an anything goes music policy”. Originally setting up the turntables in a bakery, they’ve now opened their own cafe bar hangout in Leeds called Outlaws Yacht Club where they throw Joe’s Bakery on the last Saturday of the month.

The night combines live art, projected visuals and a laid back sound track provided by Craig, Joe and resident Moonboots, Joe’s Bakery also welcomes some of the finest selectors around to join in on the decks with a free reign to delve deep into their record collections. Past guests include Phoreski, Phil Mison, Jolyon Green, Soft Rocks, Coyote, Kenny Wisdom, Kelvin Andrews, Sally Rogers, Jason Boardman, Mudd, Tropical Jeremy, Tako, Seahawks, Land of Light, Begin and Tiago.