No Logo
It’s hard to review your own album as I can’t really say how good it is, so I’ll just do my best to explain a little about it. No Logo is me and Steve Miller a.k.a legendary chill out producer Afterlife. We met many years ago due to the fact that I always put his Afterlife tracks on the Cafe Mambo compilations, so in the end we decided to get in the studio and we ended up having so much fun that between 2005 and 2010 we managed to make our debut album and it’s also the first artist album I have ever been involved with. So far these tracks have been featured on nearly 150 compilations worldwide from Cafe Del Mar, Hotel Costes, Cafe Mambo and many others. We eventually signed a single called ‘Darkstar’ to Urbantorque 3 years ago and this got supported by Sasha, Laurent garner and many others, more recently we sign a single called ‘Party Animal’ to Nang Records and it went straight to number 1 on Juno Download and had recent support from Lauren Lavern on her BBC 6 Music show. Following that we signed the whole album to Chris Coco’s Melodica Records and our Eurthmics cover ‘This City never Sleeps’ came out recently with great mixes from Mr Coco and Max Essa and then finally, the whole album is out in Septemeber. We really did have a great time making this and are already 4 tracks into our follow up album, watch this space!


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