BEPU N’GALI – I Travel To you


I Travel To you


This release starts with a great story! The owners of International Feel were shopping in a Busnos Aires flee market when they met a fellow British vinyl buyer who was just back from a trip to South Africa where he was handed a cassette from a certain Bepu N’Gali, he passed the tape on knowing he was looking for a record deal and they instantly loved what they heard and called the number on the back of the cassette  and got to hear his story. Bepu was born in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana. He spent his younger years travelling round the country with his parents work and fell in love with Afrobeat after a spell in Lagos. At this time he was also learning: Bass, Guitar, Organ and percussion. On arriving back in Botswana he put together a band, a collection of 12 musicians and started playing gigs, many of the gigs became glorified jamming sessions and ‘I Travel To You’ is an edited down version of one such session. There are some incredible remixes here, most notably there is an amazing mix from Todd Terje which has then been remixed by Rune Lindbaek, confusing but the result is the most Balearic house track I have heard all year, amazing! Tim ‘Love’ Lee has also done an excellent dub and all split over 2 vinyls,  for those who still buy it, so a great start to a very special recording career.