Brownswood Electric 3 – VARIOUS ARTISTS


Giles Peterson’s Brownswood label consistently put out great compilations with their Borwnswood Bubblers Series now on volume 8 and this more recent series Brownswood Electric currently on volume 3. When the compilation started in 2010 it used mainly unknown artists and some of these have gone onto to very big things since like Mosca who now presents a BBC Radio 1 show under the ‘In New Music We Trust’ banner. 16Bit is now producing Bjork. Mount Kimble with their acclaimed lp ‘Crookes and Lovers’. Last year volume 2 was one of my top 3 compilations of the whole year with so many amazing tracks I had never heard before again from people like: Monky, Jack Dixon, Ta-Ku and Frederic Robinson, all amazing and Im still playing there 1 year later so I was very excited to get this new instalment. This new compilation is again all from new artists, all very cutting edge and spanning all styles of electronica and all quality so if you have been a fan or the previous two you will definitely love this one. Great track from artists like: Metabeats, Frank Rodas, Krampfhaft, Lost Twin, Anushka and many more!


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