Giles Peterson’s excellent Brownswood Recordings delivers the debut album from Gang Colours a.k.a Southampton based Will Ozanne. He first came to my attention when he remixed another act from the label called Ghostpoet in 2010 on a track called ‘Cash And Carry Me Home’, this was an excellent and got support on my radio show. The following year Gang Colours made his debut with his own e.p ‘In Your Gut Like A Knife’ which I was also a fan of for his mixture of electronica, spacey vocals and an overall melancholy vibe, he sights among others the very talented Mark Hill (Artful Dodger) also out of Southampton as an inspiration as Garage has a dance element, and also the way The Streets ‘Original Pirate Material’ had a profound effect of people. So this album sits in the soulful, electronica side of things but with a twist and for me the leading track is ‘Fancy Restaurant’, an absolutely beautiful and delicate piece of music. ‘Botley In Bloom’ is another favourite, this time mainly instrumental but again heart felt as is all his music and makes great listening and I can’t wait to hear remixes of these tracks when further singles are released as they have sourced some amazing people on his previous work! [PG]