Ibiza 1960 – Author Damien Enright Talks

We’ve all heard tales about “the good old days” in Ibiza, “before it got all commercial” blah blah blah. Not many of them stretch back beyond the infamous 1987 lads’ holiday that saw Oakenfold, Holloway and Rampling dance the night away in Amnesia to the eclectic sounds of DJ Alfredo, fuelled by some unbelievable gear. If you’re lucky, you may know that a few years before then, Wham! filmed their video for Club Tropicana at Pike’s in Ibiza, and maybe also you’d have heard about Freddie Mercury’s birthday party at Pike’s (the dwarves, the bowls of cocaine etc. etc.)
But how many people know that Ibiza was a hub for expats to indulge in music, sex and drugs as far back as the late 50s?

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