I:Cube “M” Megamix [Versatile Records]

I:CUBE “M” Megamix [Versatile Records]

Paris based producer Nicolas Chaix first came to our attention in the late 1990’s when he remixed “Around The World” for Daft Punk, the favour being returned when they turned in a classic mix of his track “Disco Cubisim”. His first album Picnic Attack appeared in 1997 and since then he’s been responsible for a number quality productions in his I:Cube guise on Gilbert Cohen’s Versatile Records. He’s also collaborated with Gilbert as Chateau Flight. A personal favourite of mine is the 2009 single “Falling” a record that has found it’s way into many of my DJ sets over the last couple of years.

This album is something a little different. Let’s face it quality dance music artist albums can be a bit thin on the ground. House music is about the 12” single right? So a bunch of 7 minute tracks put together with their requisite DJ intos and outros has never really worked that well (with the obvious exceptions).

So what we have here is 24 original tracks put together in DJ mix style, that’s not to say they layer long super smooth mixes, instead the tracks are chopped and changed so as keep things exiting and interesting. To fit everything in, the running times are cut to around 2’30” for each track so the whole thing moves pretty fast.

The result works surprisingly well and comes out sounding like an 80’s pause button cassette mix tape (remember them?) just when you get your head around a groove it changes into another. Personal favourites are the jacked beats of “Transpiration” and the spacey but intense “Y.O.U.R.O.C.K” so all in a well recommended release. Check out the video below for a flavor.