International Feel – A Compilation VARIOUS ARTISTS

VARIOUS ARTISTS International Feel – A Compilation (INTERNATIONAL FEEL)

International Feel was started 3 years ago by Mark B when there was a track he couldn’t sign, so it was started out of frustration and also determination to do things a certain way, with a certain aesthetic, to create real things of lasting quality in a binary world. Now after 36 releases they have certainly achieved what they set out to and this compilation serves as a time capsule of those original aims. In Mark’s words ‘This kind of draws a line under everything we’ve achieved so far, so maybe it’s time to go away for a while and get -inspired, so this isn’t the end, just the end of the beginning’

So for me it’s very difficult choosing the best tracks here as this is an incredibly good label that totally sums up the meaning of Balearic for me with so many diverse artists including: Locussolus, Bubble Club, Boys From Patagonia, Bepu N’Gali, Parada 88, Maxxi and Zeus and others making up what have been some of my favourite tracks of the year again which makes this a very strong compilation from a label that is clearly run with a lot of love, not to be missed.


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