JESSE PEREZ – Don’t Sport No Jerri Curl (HOT CREATIONS)

Hot Creations continue to give us some great new music with this very cool release. It’s not that often I review singles unless I’m really feeling them but this is great! The title track ‘Don’t Sport No Jerri Curl’ combines old school Hip Hop break beats which add a nice flavour to the track along with a spoken male vocal, not too dissimilar to say someone like Roland Clarke and a rolling base that makes it feel a little like Doug Lazy’s classic Hip House track from the late 80’s ‘let It Roll’ which isn’t a bad thing either, so not a track to be missed. The second track is titled ‘Dejen De Comer Tanta Pinga’ which definitely wins this E.P the award for oddest track titles of the month! Again a sleazy, chuggy House track with a spoken vocal sample. Jesse has had a colourful upbringing with stints in the porn business he then started Mr Nice Guy Records and has a great sound so worth checking out! [PG]