New Releases July 2013


Ben Hoo has been one of my favourite producers over the past few years and is also an exceptionally talented DJ who I played back to back with at the Stella Polaris Festival in Denmark. Over the last couple of years Ben has remixed artists like Moby, Tiga, M.A.N.D.Y, Bookashade and most notably for me personally was his amazing remix of Fever Ray’s ‘Triangle Walks’. Collected is not a typical artist’s album and it takes true creative flare to carve out a career by interpreting the work of others via his remixes. This album follows on from his previous EPs on Kindisch and these tracks are included along with other fresh, unheard tracks. Ben’s music covers multiple genres through chill-out, electronica, deep house and techno, which makes it particularly appealing to someone whose taste in music is as varied as mine.


From much respected producer Robert Babicz comes the final installment in the artist’s trilogy for Marc Romboy’s Systematic Recordings label. Robert describes his daily two hour walks through the Königs Forest near his home in Cologne which proceed his production sessions “bring him back to himself” as in those moments of silence surrounded by the lush forest as the inspiration and where the ideas were born for this album. The album covers many genres from very chilled down-tempo through to peak time underground house. There are so many great tracks here that it’s difficult to pick favourites and the whole album is fantastic. One not to be missed!

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kern Vol.2 (Mixed By DJ Hell – The Exclusives) (TRESOR)

Following on from the last Kern mix for Tresor comes ‘Kern Vol.2’, chosen and mixed by Gigolos boss DJ Hell. Hell has a real flare for releasing benchmark mixes, especially the eclectic mix for Belgian club FUSE in 2000, and 1995’s ‘X-Mix 5: Wildstyle’, whose concept he feels is similar to Kern Vol.2. For me this only reinstates my love for Hell’s work so much so I recently put his incredible remix of M.A.N.D.Y’s ‘Twisted Sister’ on my recent Gecko Beach compilation and is one of my favourite tracks that I am hammering this summer at Café Mambo. Hell feels that ‘Kern Vol.2’ is a product of crate digging and vinyl culture, but rather than keeping it to himself, he wants to share it with as many people as possible: “This music is very powerful & timeless and had a huge influence on me. I have been Dj-ing since the late 1970s and playing house since 1985 – this is my life.”


Robosonic have been building a solid reputation as DJs for years and together with the Adana Twins from Hamburg, they’re about to drop this hot new EP on 2DIY4. Robosonic aka Chord & Sacha finally hit the international scene last summer with their ‘Worst Love’ track on Off Recordings. This was followed by ‘The Edge’ also on Off Recordings, which reached number six on the Beatport Deep House Chart. The DJ and Production team Adana Twins are not only rocking their night at Solomon’s Ego club in Hamburg, but they have also been playing to crowds across Europe with their deeply mesmerising house sets. ‘La Fique’ has become a favourite for me this summer at Café Mambo with its cool party vibe, which for me is reminiscent of Solomon’s ‘Love Recycled’. Track 2, Barracuda is equally as good with its sexy mid-tempo vibe and both tracks utilize well-known samples in an interesting way. Great EP, not to be missed.


D’Julz has been on fire of late for me, his most recent release on Circus Company has been massive for me. There new interpretations of Da Madness are equally as good. The package includes remixes by Detroit’s Rolando, Doc Martin, Phil Weeks and new blood The Martinez Brothers. As good as all of these remixes are the one that stands out the most for me is The Martinez Brothers remix – I can’t stop playing this track in my DJ sets and on my radio show, The Global Network. This version alone makes the whole EP and essential Purchase.


I’m a huge fan of Mario Basanov, and last year I hosted one of his mixes on my radio show. His music is a perfect combination of something interesting and mid-tempo but with his eye firmly on the dance floor. For me the leading track here is ‘Give Me Back’ taking influence from Giorgio Moroder with its arpeggiator bass line. Track 2 ‘Tor’, has a great Italo disco-vibe. The last track ‘Bill’ is a bit too noisy and industrial for me but sure it will appeal to many. Overall another very strong release from this excellent DJ/Producer.