I have to start by saying what an exceptional album this is from Maayan Nidam, one of the best things I have heard all year! This Berlin based producer is now signed to Luciano’s Cadenza Records label and delivers 11 tracks of alternative electronic rhythms encapsulating blissful Broken Beat, surrealist Electro, Acid House, exploratory Techno, piano interludes and some Jazz influenced moments and the common thread is the most spaced out, deep sound pallet that makes it unmissable listening, I haven’t stopped listening to this since I got it the whole project is so deep and intense, some of the tracks can be played at the start of the night at a party but it’s mainly more alternative, this will definitely be in my C.D wallet for a very long time to come! I first came across her production with a Barry White bootleg called ‘Merry Go Round’ which cut up my favourite Barry White track ‘Playing Your Game Baby’ I played at Cafe Mambo last summer as a perfect track for the beach! So if you can find that also it’s well worth checking out and she is also touring heavily this summer so check her out live if you get the chance!