New Releases March 2014

For The Love
Nang Records
I have been a big fan of Lithuanian producers “Proper Heat” since 2011 when they delivered a fine selection of disco-tinged, adult-pop singles and a fine album. Fast forwarded onto 2014 and they are back on Nang Records with all guns blazing. First up is the track “For The Love” which sees them do what they do best. There are also three remixes, these come from: “Saxtone”, “Venice Beach” and “Monsoon Season”. Following this is a second track called “Open up”, which again has great melodies, a strong vocal and their trademark Nu-Disco. Proper Heat are an exquisite alliance of three musicians deeply mad about Jazz, House, Disco and Electronics. The result is stylish Adult-Disco-Pop for the Nang generation.

The Persistence of Memory EP
Vision Quest
Butch descends on the Vision Quest imprint once again with another style-bending four track EP. This features collaborations with long-time studio partner Hohborg and C.Vogt. Track one is “Peyote” this is an epic synth-laden space odyssey, building and bubbling with dubby atmospherics, rich percussion and psychedelic Eastern melodies. There is a second version of this track “Peyote (Atmotrip)” which takes the track in a mellower more subaquatic stoned direction. The remaining two tracks on this EP are “Missing Channels” and “Ozymandyas” both of these tracks are peak time, melodic and very intense and will sound great a big system.

Disappearing Dining Club
(Chris Coco & Stuart DDC)
This compilation is very close to my own heart as “Disappearing Dining Club” was founded in 2010 by Stuart Langliy after fifteen years of running bars, restaurants and members clubs in London and overseas. I first met Stuart when he was the bar manager at “Café Mambo” in Ibiza and I have been one of the regular DJ’s to play at “Disappearing Dining Club” along with many others including Chris Coco, who has compiled this fantastic album together with Stuart the owner. So in a nutshell “DDC” is a popup restaurant that happens at various cool locations around of East-London that covers dinner and dancing afterwards with great music, which you will find featured on this CD. You will find tracks from Chris Coco, Robot 84, Frontare, The Time and Space Machine and Acos Coolkas. Great events and a great compilation!