New Releases May 2014

Pasted GraphicSONZEIRA
Southern Freeze

This is the first release from Giles Peterson’s new ’Sonzeira’ project. This first track is ’Southern Freeze’, a stunning re-work of Freeze’s famous U.K jazz-funk hit. The vocal has been sung by renowned Brazilian signer and actress Emanuelle Araujo. The release date was set as a limited edition 7’’ vinyl backed with the ’Southern Freeze Dub’ as an exclusive for Record Store Day on April 19th in the U.K on Talkin Loud. This release marks the label’s first release in over a decade, which is a very exciting prospect as for me it was an incredible label. This first release as Sonzeira is taken from a brand new album called ‘Brasil Bam Bam Bam’ out on May 19th. The whole project was recorded in Rio De Janerio with a stellar line-up of Brazilian talent including: Seu Jorge and the grande dame of samba, 76 year old Elza Soares. This is a great single that is sure to be played all summer long by me in Ibiza at Cafe Mambo and I can’t wait to hear the album.

Pasted Graphic 2MARK BARROTT
Sketches From An Island (album)

Well after years of hiding behind various pseudonyms including Bepu N’Gali, Rocha and more, the owner of the fantastic International Feel label, Mark Barrott steps forward to release something under his own name and he is really going for it, as it’s a whole artist album! The label has been a little quite over the last 18 months since ‘Sketches From An Island’ EP sold out on vinyl in 2 hours which gave Mark the momentum to devote his winter, in Ibiza, to producing this wonderful album and here we are. This draws on many influences from the early days of Jose Padilla at Cafe Del Mar to Eno, Vollenweider, Compass Point, Steve Reich, Tangerine Dream, Penguin Cafe Orchestra and the result is stunning and so is the beautiful artwork commission specially for the release. I was a huge fan of the E.P last year while playing in Ibiza and this album only builds on that and I know Jose Padilla is already a huge fan of this album so it’s looks like the official Balearic seal of approval has been given! This is high quality and time less, an essential purchase! There is also a great blog to check out –

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This is Grace Jones’s iconic 1981 release, remastered and expanded for the first time ever. This release includes bonus 12” mixes and rarities including two newly discovered, ultra-rare tracks from the original sessions. This has been lovingly re-mastered from the original tapes in New York and a special Record Store Day 12” was cut at Abbey Road Studios here in London along with a beautiful gatefold 180g double vinyl. What can you say abut this album, it’s full of great music that sounds a good today as it did over 30 years ago. I am personally a huge Grace Jones fan as her music has that special Balearic quality. Personal favourites on this album for me are: Walking In The Rain, Pull Up To The Bumper, Feel Up, say no more!

Pasted Graphic 5ANUSHKA
Distorted Air EP
The Brighton based duo of Max Wheeler the producer and Victoria Port, singer, songwriter have their latest release on Giles Peterson’s label. As always Victoria’s melodies bring the sweetness and the tracks has the low end weight to please the likes of Karizma and Brackles on Rinse and Moxie and Annie Mac on Radio 1. For me this is their best E.P to date. The leading track in my opinion is ‘Atom Bombs’ a great soulful song with almost classic sounding hardcore breaks that are reminiscent of early drum and bass, yet it all sounds modern, this is going to feature on my radio show for sure. Next is ‘Broken Circuit’ and more mid-tempo track, again a nice vocal and a more chuggy track that hints at early rave stabs in a subtle way. The last track is ‘Blessing’ a dreamy, mellow take on drum and bass with a delicate song. This is a really strong EP, full support fro me.

Pasted Graphic 6DEEKIE
May this year sees Chris Coco’s Melodica label drop Deekie’s long awaited second album. The nature of Melodica is perfectly explained by the very first sentence of it’s manifesto ‘The radio show that became a record label’. Melodica was born from the mind of radio dj Chris Coco, the label has been releasing an incredibly heterogenous mix of music since it’s start, recreating the same atmospheres included in the radio show. You will find the release of different genres from the more experimental and electronic, to slo-mo disco and house music. Here they are presenting London-based band Deekie, with their second album ’Solitaire’ a collection of 10 ethereal and insightful tracks. This collection of tracks cross many genres from ambient to leftfield and it reveals the song writing soul of the duo.