New Releases October 2013

Lilly Denning is a new singer / songwriter from the South East of England. Lilly gives us her take on life in the 21st century with this, her debut and it’s beautifully crafted and heart felt, it’s acoustic, yet electronic and it’s uplifting and oozes positivity. Production duties come from the non other than Steve Miller the acclaimed chill out producer a.k.a Afterlife. For me this track in some ways in reminiscent of: Oasis ‘Wonderwall’, Lamb ‘Goreki’ and Massive Attacks ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ in that it has that level of emotion, it’s intensity builds layer upon layer and strings, guitars and beats are added as the song develops and it’s something I have been hamming at sunset this summer in Ibiza at Cafe Mambo and getting countless people asking what it is, not to be missed as it’s a very special track.

Selador Sessions Volume 1 (Mixed and compiled by Dave Seaman)
In April 2013 Dave Seaman once again made compilation history. 24 years previously he had been the first DJ to mix a compilation CD, alongside Carl Cox to deliver Mixmag Live Volume 1. The compilation market has evolved countlessly since, in fact it’s stretched to breaking point in recent times yet Dave continues to show enduring interest in the art form but he has also shown it could remain ground – breaking. So in a nut shell Dave put not only his reputation as a DJ on the line but the reputation of his new label Selador Records founded with partner Steve Parry on the line earlier this year when he announced that he would be the first DJ in the world you use the crowd funding website kickstarter, where your fans pledge money to fund the project, if you don’t hit your target the project fails and Dave needed £25,000 to be raised in 1 month and ended up with £32,000. The album is now finished and as expected is a masterclass that showcases Dave’s faultless mixing, perfect programming and his exception musical taste over 2 CD’s. The CD acts partly as a showcase for Selador Records by featuring tracks from some of their artists like: Han Hak and Paul Rutherford along with a track form Dave Seaman and Funkagenda. It also features other productions from Dave from 2013, among these are the Inxec remix of his ‘Toxic Picnic’ track and Florian Meindl’s remix of ‘Holy Ghost’. It features other tracks from labels like: Dirty Bird, Circus, Suara, Get Physical, Systematic, Hot Flush, Cocoon and Last Night On Earth among others.

At the end of October 2013 Ricardo Tobar will release his long awaited debut album ‘Treillis’ on the established French label Desire. Ricardo has been one of my favourite electronica producers for the last 2 years by consistently delivering cutting edge, forward thinking intelligent music with his past releases on labels like: Boarder Community and Traum Schallplatten. The combination of old drum machines, analogue equipment and old samples recorded years ago to create dirty drum sounds, modulated synth sounds and keeping far away from the more polished feel that most artists use. What really does it for me though with his productions is what he adds to this distorted sound bed, the vibe is often esoteric and profoundly touches you and transports you to another dimension, in a similar way to the music of another favourite of mine, Aphex Twin.

Ku De Ta Volume 4 (compiled by Jim Breese)
If your familiar with South East Asia you will know that Ku De Ta in Bali is one of the leading high end brands in that part of the world. I have been lucky enough to play there a few times and if you can imagine a restaurant like London’s Hakkasan on a beautifully tropical, white sandy beach, your getting close, as the location is stunning. It also plays host to some incredible parties with some of the world’s biggest DJ’s and they also have a fantastic sunset view just like we have in Ibiza. Ku De Ta are on now on Volume 4 of their very cool compilation series which have been lovingly complied by ex Cafe Mambo resident DJ mate of mine Jim Breese. The collection glides though infectious mid-tempo pop edged vocal tracks to funky modern Disco to hypnotic Deep House. These CD’s have something so many compilation series don’t have and that’s their own sound and every track is high quality. Volume 4 features highlights from people like: Karmon, Submotion Orchestra, Satin Jackets, Volta Cab and Sare Havlicek and listening to it transports you to Ku De Ta, so if your ever in Bali make sure you pop down and see what all the fuss is about!

And Also With You
Brewing up an emotive blend of lo-fi House from his home studio in darkest Epping Forest, production protege Tythe released his debut long player earlier this summer, with excellent remixes from David Lynch and Crystal Fighters. Tythe has been filtering through the internet since early 2012. The track that initially catch my attention in a big way was ‘Totem Poles’ this has been played endlessly by me in Ibiza all summer and on my Global Network radio show it’s blissfully Balearic House music at it’s finest and one of my favourite tracks this year. The rest of the album is also very good indeed. In his own words ‘Getting this album together has been an unexpected labour of love’ And this is evident upon listing.

Last Night In Utopia
(Systematic Recordings)
Pezzner a true composer/producer and makes a lot of his living from commercial sound design work. Pezzner is basically filling in all the spaces between disco, house, techno, acid, ambient and everything in between. He’s basically a stay-at-home dad living in the artsy district of Seattle and touring occasionally. Whether it’s the banal or the beautiful, Seattle based Dave Pezzner doesn’t discriminate when sourcing inspiration for ‘Last Night in Utopia’. Recorded largely during a busy touring period in December 201. Never one to toe any kind of sonic line, Pezzner has been plying his craft since the ‘90s, originally as part of the much-loved Jacob London outfit (with Bob Hansen). In 2008 he switched his focus to a solo output, issuing singles and remixes on quality imprints such as 8 Bit, Crosstown Rebels offshoot label RebelLION, Dirtybird, Ovum Recordings, Anjunadeep, Leftroom, Systematic and Freerange, the home of his debut album ‘The Tracks are Alive’, to name but a few. Now with ‘Last Night in Utopia’ he’s taken the aural experimentation a step further. It’s fifteen tracks of music freestyling, yet with enough form and vision to flow from start to finish, and is every bit the exhilarating sonic joyride you’re expect from a producer enjoying the finest creative patch of his career.