Paul Daley In Ibiza


Paul Daley was one half of electronic duo Leftfield, we caught up with him during his recent trip to Ibiza

You spend a lot of time in Ibiza these days, is it still a big inspiration to you and if so, why?

It usually takes me a week to adjust to the vibe of the island. I try not listen to any music for the first week. I then listen to music which seems to become more focused and sharper – this doesn’t just apply to electronic or dance music, it can be any genre. The inspiration of the island is very helpful for me in listening and making music for sure, it helps me almost see the music for what it is.

It’s Definitely a good place for sorting the wheat from the chaff, not just music but for other art forms too. Inspiration also come from peoples attitude, I have met many beautiful, funny and interesting people on the island over the years who have inspired me in different ways – not all of them were in the music business and some were locals and some from all parts of the world.

In the countryside I see people and have known them for a long time but they still don’t have any idea what I do, care who i am or what I’ve done but are always warm and friendly, it’s all about simple old fashioned mutual basic respect. I find this attitude inspiring; some of them have become good friends over the years.

You’re making a new artist album at the moment, what can we expect from you and when will it be released?

I put my album on hold a few years ago and stepped away from the forefront of the music business for a while. I’ve recently had a listen to it and decided to finish up the tracks and mix it. I’ve applied the same skills and thoughts I used in making the Leftfield albums, Remixes and Live shows but tried to put into a 21st century setting that’s personal to me.

I don’t want to give too much away, a lot has happened musically in the last twenty years especially on the electronic music scene and the bar from a production point of view keeps getting higher and higher.

I believe good music always cuts through though but you have to push yourself in the studio now more than ever – something I’ve always tried to do – sometimes to the frustration of others, especially when they think the tracks are finished and I don’t. I’m just enjoying being back in the studio at the moment and this is the best bit about making music for me.

You have become a regular guest dj at Hostal La Torre over the last 2 summers, tell us about the that?

Walking down the path and then seeing the sea through the doorway as you enter the restaurant always get me. In certain lights it looks like a vertical wall of blue water, which you are, going to walk into, it some times make me wobble a bit. Everyone who works there are all very warm and welcoming, the clientele is a mixture of nationalities, ages, sexes and race
and the sunset seems to put everyone on the same level, something Ibiza is good at, something cosmic, freakier and bigger than all of us.

The atmosphere at sunset is unspoilt and very special. Great conditions to have the privilige of DJ’ing in at a very tranquil and beautiful place. The atmosphere and panoramic view allows records that would only work there to be played.

Of course the food is fantastic too, it’s a real gem with a vibe you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Always a pleasure.

You’re also one of our headliners at the Secret Life closing party of September the 16th, what can we expect from you on the night and what makes Pikes so special for you?

Pikes has a history and legacy that has to be respected. I’m really glad the Ibiza Rocks crew have turned it around and made it special, kept the vibe but also moved it forward. I’ll be dipping into my vaults a bit whilst trying to be respectful to the history of Pikes but also trying to give a forward edge, hopefully people will want to dance, that’s the main objective as always.

Pikes is like a museum of hedonism with a true historic balearic soundtrack. I hung out there a few times in the early and late 90’s, sometimes in the day sometimes in the night but was always fun.

I met Tony Pike a couple of times then but I don’t think he we will remember me, very cool guy and still looks and dresses dapper – Legend.

How long have you been coming to Ibiza and tell us about some your favourite memories?

I first came to Ibiza in 1990, there were people i knew on the london club/warehouse scene in the early/mid 80’s that were coming to the island at that time and told me stories of the Ibiza nightlife. I was pretty much skint for most of the 80’s so international travel was not on the agenda for me back then. I have many memories from over the years, coming and playing on stage at the Ku club in 1990 was very special, also hanging out with people I knew from the scene in England at the time was always a buzz, also meeting lots of people, Musicians and DJ’s from outside my 80’s London bubble at that time.

Dj’ing and hanging out with with Jose Padilla and Phil Mison at Cafe del Mar in the early 90’s was special. Many nights at the Rock Bar with the two Sids, Nick and everyone. Drinking and having a crack with Mark, Geoff and my old original San Carlos hippy mate Chris at Bar Zuka in the old town. DJ’ing at full moon parties in the north of the island in 92/93.

Also DJ’ing at Space, Pacha, Amnesia, Es Paradis, Summun, Extasis in the early 90’s was an honour and pleasure. Performing live with Afrika Bambaataa and Grace Jones at the zoo in the late 90’s was a good one. In the noughties i did some really good nights at the Underground with Lewis, Juanito, Jesus and Nick from 2005-2010. Some of these gigs were the best Dj gigs I have ever done on the island for me.

Not going to bed for two days in the early 90’s and then hearing Jose drop Jam and Spoon’s remix of Moby’s “Go” at the Cafe Del Mar which sorted me right out. Leaving a club and driving a car which i drove around for 4 days before realising it wasn’t my car. Finding yourself in surreal situations in nightclub toilets with really famous people and a random bloke from Manchester but all leaving the best of mates……………these are a few of my favourite things.

Too many stories and memories…………………

You just spent a month on the island, how do you fill your time, what are your favourite places to visit?

I always try to stay in the countryside these days, i like a bit of isolation sometimes – good for the head. I listen to a lot of music new and old and archive it, watch Spanish/German/Italian TV, drive round the island in day and night visiting friends – some work at or own Bars and Restaurants. Sometimes I DJ at parties or just go on a social one and see where the wind takes me. There used to be more space here before mobiles and internet took hold, you could really disappear if you wanted to, still can though.

The island can be open 24hrs a day if you want it – not just on a club/party level but a nice social level which is quite unique to Ibiza. It Always makes me smile when your in the middle of nowhere on a hot Tuesday afternoon and a kick drum or bass tone passes by in the wind – probably time for a siesta – a good way to fill your time.