Revisionism – Remixing The Reflex Way

Greg Wilson introduces London based French DJ / Producer, Nicolas Laugier better known The Reflex. The Reflex has recently come to prominence in underground dance circles via his ‘Reflex Revisions’, which are basically remixes as they used to be back in the day (expect, of course, that they’re unofficial), when the remixer worked purely from the original parts, reinterpreting what was recorded on the multitrack, rather than replacing stuff wholesale, or even changing everything so that the original only remains in name, as became the case later down the line when record companies saw the possibility of selling, let’s say, a Techno track to a Hip Hop audience. Nowadays it’s the norm for a variety of mixes in different genre styles to be commissioned, in order to maximise club exposure, but in earlier times there’d generally be the one remix of a track, often with a more dubbed out / instrumental alternative, but very much recognisable as the original recording from a different angle.

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