RICHARD NORRIS – Exclusive Mixmag Download


Richard Norris is the weirdo disco maestro who’s behind some of our favourite psychedelic dancefloor projects.

He’s behind The Time And Space Machine, the trippy Balearic/disco unit that makes killer edits as well as lush original productions, he’s one half of Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve (alongside Erol Alkan), the psyche-disco duo who remix obscure tracks into cosmic journeys and is the brains of The Grid, the early 90s acid house/Balearic act.

He’s a bit of a don when it comes to lysergic electronic music and he’s just released a new EP, titled ‘Freaks’, which is out via Throne Of Blood. To celebrate, he’s recorded a new mix exclusively for Mixmag. Check it out below.

Richard Norris plays Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, London on October 10 and November 14

Download Here