The Ball and The Wall


Secret Life Records are back with their first release of 2015 from The Ball and The Wall, the creation of Danish/American producer and musician Noah Rosanes.

There are 2 original tracks, first is the lead track ‘Standing On My Own’ which features vocalist Ida Wenøe, It’s an incredibly catchy pop/folk track that is complimented with a great remix from Richard Norris, who takes it straight to the dance floor. This remix comes off the back of his most recent release which saw him and Erol Alkan join forces again as Beyond The Wizards Sleeve to re-produce the recent album by Temples ‘Sun Reconstructed’.

The second original is ‘So Good’ featuring Clara Sofie on vocals, this is a darker piece of vocal electronica. To add to this we have 2 remixes from Italy’s Balearic Gabba Soundsystem, they give it their trademark Balearic feel. The vocal mix will be available on the limited edition vinyl and their dub will be part of the digital release.

The Ball and The Wall’ is producer Noah Rosanes’s new solo project, that cultivates the fresh collaboration between musicians.

How would you describe your sound?

Well I collaborate with a new artist for every The Ball and The Wall song make…So every song has a different vibe…It is important to go with the flow and get a natural sound out of the chemistry between me and the other artist…Sometimes it´s obvious to make dark hard music but with other artists it feels more right to make beautiful music…There is a big difference between “Standing On My Own” which I wrote with Ida Wenøe and “So Good” which I wrote with Clara Sofie…Both so good in there own way.

Your music really appeals to the balearic crowd… why do you think that is?

I put a lot of time in The Ball and The Walls music…and I keep working on it until i am 100% satisfied…I think people can feel that…I love the feeling when I finally get to the point where I think it´s perfect!

Tell us about the process you follow when making a new track?

I don’t really have process, It’s different every time…Routines are dangerous, I like experimenting along time on the idéa i’m working on until I hit something that really triggers me…It can take up to about 5 hours before I hit that magic idea…But it it worth the wait!

It a circle that starts with This is Awsome, This is Tricky, This is shit, I am shit, This might be Ok, This is Awsome!

What are you listening to right now?

Right now I am producing a lot of projects so I’m listing to that…Ha…But when I have time for other music I find Spotify playlists to give me a broad input of new music…I feel it is important to get alot of different music in my system, I listen to stuff like Diplo, FKA Twigs, Jack White,Banks,James Blake,Robert Plant,Lykke Li

What music influenced you growing up?

I started as a guitar player, so bands like Cream, Led Zeppelin and Frank Zappa got me started…I don’t play much rock at the moment, but there is still a good bit of interesting song structure to get out of a band like Led Zeppelin…Bjork and Metamatics opened my eyes to electronic music…

Where did the crazy name come from?

I wanted to start a solo project, but the idea of me sitting alone in my studio didn´t turn me on…It is so much more fun and inspiring to work with other musicians… I need a wall to play against…therefore The Ball and The Wall…

What collaborations do you have planned for the rest of the year?

I am working on a new song with a great singer for a big danish band called Panamah…I will also be working with a singer/guitar player from The Eclectic Moniker…think we will be getting some guitar battle going on! Also I am planning on making a track with a great EDM producer. More to come…

Where do you like to write?

In fact I love taking my laptop and recording/writing in new places…Last year I made a great track with Simon Lynge in an old underground Cisteren in Seattle.  The Cistern had 45 seconds of natural reverb!!! We crawled down in the “hole” and came op 3 hours later with a great track inspired by the sound of the cistern…

Anyone that you would really like to work with?

Anyone where we both can push each other in a new direction…