I always have a huge interest in hearing any new music from Richard Norris who for those who were unaware was the founding member of The Grid, they had hit records back in the 90’s as well as making some of the finest Balearic classics with tracks like ‘Floatation’ that was a staple of Jose Padilla’s early sets at the legendary Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza back in the day. He is also one half of the excellent Beyond The Wizards Sleeve along with Erol Alkan, again responsible for some incredible music. So his most recent project is this, Time And Space Machine and this is his second studio album. Now I wont pretend I’m a fan of everything from this project, but some of it is very good indeed and I do respect how different and original the concept of the music is and these days that can be a rare thing so looking at the album, the rather crazy ‘Pill Party In India’ was the first single and wasn’t the kind of thing I would play, but a good track, my favourite is ‘Threshold’ is more chilled affair with warm live bass, nice strings and sitar but I do appreciate the whole 60’s influenced, psychedelic vibe mixed with live instruments that makes for interesting listening. [PG]