Timm Sure 10 Years of asking “Is It Balearic?”


2016 marks the 10th anniversary of UK label Is It Balearic? and to celebrate Timm Sure & Ampo, collectively known as Coyote, have joined forces with Max Essa to create a quality 2 CD compilation album. We spoke to Timm Sure during a recent visit to Ibiza to find out more about the album and the highs and lows of running a record label.

Tell us about the album
This compilation is a collection of some of the best releases of the last 5 years. It’s selected by us (Coyote) and Max Essa who is a big part of the Is It Balearic? history. We had a 5 year compilation out a few years ago so its a continuation of that really. Running the label has been great in the main. We started the label to release our own Coyote tracks and it grew into what it is now along with branching out into Uber and Magic Wand. The highs have been the Coyote LP’s but really we love all of the releases. The Almunia meaning of time remixes are a fav of mine (Timm). The low point was when we lost all our money when Goya went bust owing us loads of royalties and we had to borrow money to effectively start over again.

Your a regular in Ibiza, what do you most love about the island?
Where do I start..the light, the sun, the music, the landscape, the small cervezas bocadillos, balearic pizzas, sunset music, dj ing under the stars, all of it.

What new music have you been making?
We have the 4th Coyote LP comojng out soon it’s called ‘Song Dogs’ and a new 4 track EP on Is It Balearic? and a release on the Clandestino lablel.

You run other labels, tell us about them?
We have Uber that is for more horizontal Balearic stuff and Magic Wand that’s for edits.

You have played for us at La Torre this summer, how would you describe it?
It’s hard to put into words, playing music at sunset there is pretty special, it’s up there with doing a sunset in the old part of Cafe del Mar, back in the 90’s. When I played I was with the family and that was a lovely thing too, as I was in full holiday mode.